Dora Goodman Interview (Snippet)

Hey! We thought we would give all our non-member friends some snippets of what is on our membership platform. We get to talk to some incredible people like Dora from Dora Goodman Camera’s! We have a full interview with her on our membership platform, as well as an immense amount of info ranging from developing to repairs or even camera reviews to business advice. We very much pride ourselves on keeping the membership platform alive and strong hence we worry about neglecting this public blog. So we will try give you all very small snippets from each blog we post on there. Membership is just R16 a month or R192 a year. It helps keep the page afloat and pay our writers. You can sign up by going to create a free account under our menu – registration. From there you can navigate to “membership account” and sign up 🙂


“At Dora Goodman Cameras, we are a team of passionate analog photography enthusiasts who conceptualise 3D printed medium format and pinhole cameras, as well as build one-of-a-kind custom film cameras based on our own designs.

We design film cameras from scratch, using 3D printing technology we bring to life our ideas. All our cameras are 3D printed and available in our shop in a DIY kit and pre assembled as well.

In addition to our pre-printed products, we also operate on an open source model. Through the GoodLab, we encourage you to download our files for free, customise to your heart’s content, and 3D print your camera from the comfort of your own home.”

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