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Members of thatgoodhour The membership platform is the strongest backbone of this platform. The donations keep the website going, literally. The money goes towards hosting costs and continuous upgrades that power the plugins on this website. Things like the membership platform, user frontends and even… Read More »Follow our members

Film for beginners

Photograph above via Unsplash, Mandy Choi For some of us who have been shooting film for a while, this blog post might seem quite obvious. But everyone who shoots film, even professionals, had to start somewhere and were once at the stage where you are… Read More »Film for beginners

Why we choose film Ep.3

Episode 3 – Joshua Stein By Storm Simpson On behalf of THATGOODHOUR Thank you once again to Storm Simpson for his amazing journalism and writing skills. He really works hard on everything he does. Find his instagram by clicking this link.