Bronica S2 Kit


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The Bronica S2, is a 6×6 focal plane SLR released by Bronica in 1965, is the successor of the Bronica S. The S2 uses a vertical-travelling cloth focal plane shutter. Shutter speeds are available from 1 to 1/1000s and B. Flash sync uses X and FP on an automatic PC terminal at a 1/40s sync speed. The shutter must be cocked before each shot by cranking the film winding lever. Many who used the system for the first time are often a bit too careful when using the film advance knob. One needs to advance the knob typically 3 to 4 complete rotations or multiple smaller rotations until it feels like it stops then rotate a bit more until you hear the shutter cock.

The camera itself is in very good condition. A recommendation to clean the lenses are advised but they are shootable, we just recommend a full clean before use. Included in this kit:

Bronica S2 body

50mm f2.8

75mm f2.8

150mm f2.8 (scratch on front element but little effect of images)

Camera has been thoroughly film tested by the previous owner, we are selling it on behalf of them.