Minolta SRT101


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One of our favourite SLRs in the game! These Minoltas were made so simple yet powerful. It is made with a very strong metal body and is able to use some incredible lenses. The lens we have paired it with is a lovely 45mm MD ROKKOR f2 lens. They are great for people looking to move into SLR film photography but are also a great beginner camera if you’re just entering the world of film. This one was really rusty and banged up, we ended up fixing some dents and respraying the camera with a grey stone aesthetic. It came out great! The lightmeter is working well, it is not tested with film but it has been through a CLA and is working great. The only issue is the on and off switch for the meter is broken at the bottom of the camera. This means the lightmeter will constantly be on (not a huge issue). It also comes with a strap and a battery that we received with it. We are not sure how much life is left in the battery but it’s great to receive one with it so you can go shoot your first roll.