Minolta XG1


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A lovely XG1. Take the jump from point and shoot to SLR with this beautiful Minolta. Featuring a touch enabled light meter, self timer and battery check. These cameras are great options to make the move to manual controls in your photography and is one of our favourite Minolta SLRs. It takes 2x LR44 batteries to operate, these are not included but can be found locally at a clicks, dischem or builders. The lightmeter is activated by putting the camera on Auto mode, it then takes a reading and you can then use manual settings at will. We are also including a strap and fresh light seals/shutter bumper which has been installed. It also comes with 3 extension tubes which are not pictured here. There are some marks here and there, especially on the top of the camera but are small yet noticeable. They most definitely do not effect the performance of this camera.