Nikon FE + Cokin Filter Set


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This Nikon FE is one of our favourite SLR’s of all time. With shutter speeds ranging from 8s to 1/1000, it sometimes even has me picking it up instead of my M6! This camera has its knocks and scruffs, but it is film tested and working well. We do however recommend some caution and consideration when making this purchase as there are some things you may not like. For example, the camera looks as if it was once dropped on its hot shoe. In the photographs you can see a small crack in the plastic making the hot shoe slightly lean to the side. We do not have an external flash to test the hot shoe so we cant confirm its working condition, but if we had to guess, it most likely still works because of how these cameras were made. The lens has marks on the exterior with some coating marks on the front and back. The lens has been tested with a digital adaptor and is working well. All of this is photographed. The set is completed with a beautiful Cokin filter set. Other than that, the light meter is working, light seals replaced and this camera is ready to shoot.